Limited-edition items designed by you and for you! The first marketplace where you make all the decisions.

While you’re waiting for big updates, we’ve prepared something interesting for you! Finally we’re we’re migrating from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain network! It’s a big step for us, our community and our e-commerce store to reduce network fees. …

It has been an extremely difficult time for the MerchDAO project. A few months ago our team received a lot of bullshit and negative sentiments in our community, also a lot of crypto users sent our team members a lot of offensive private messages. We’re extremely happy that you are…

We know that you waited a long time, but I believe this waiting will be awarded. Passion in crypto is a key point, and as we saw after almost 5 years, those who waited and believed, gained huge profits!

Key points

We’re thrilled to release very important updates to the…


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