MerchDAO August 2021 recap

It has been an extremely difficult time for the MerchDAO project. A few months ago our team received a lot of bullshit and negative sentiments in our community, also a lot of crypto users sent our team members a lot of offensive private messages. We’re extremely happy that you are finally leaving us. And we’re warmly welcoming those who believed in us. It’s time to give you a brief summary of the previous months, including a very hot August 2021. Let’s dive into this!

Spring and the beginning of summer recap

We won’t discuss a lot of information here, because we’re accepting our failure — we couldn’t fulfill our past promises. MerchDAO team tried to catch the wave of NFT hype, but this wave spat us out. We even tried to catch the Binance Smart Chain hype but got stuck on this. MerchDAO was initially planned as an NFT-based marketplace with physical merchandise, and we’re not planning to change this direction. We’ve done a lot of team meetings and calls, as well as worked on our mistakes. We’ve done our homework!

We’ve changed our direction as well as relationships to what our team is doing. Last month shows you how we can work, and we’ll continue to work with passion to bring more and more value to MerchDAO and MerchLabs projects!

August 2021 recap

We started August 2021 bringing positive sentiments, cleaning dead accounts and removing all FUDers from the MerchDAO telegram community. After this, business has been running more smoothly. We’ve distributed the LP Uniswap tokens with bonuses, and restored hacked funds to DeFiPie stakers. So, in short, we’ve wiped the slate clean.

We’ve released the GitHub account with smart contracts for $xMRCH farming, mining and also governance smart contracts. Currently the Certik Foundation is working on a security audit.

We’ve posted a few announcements regarding website updates, some screenshots, and team updates. But don’t forget about the big business announcement: our rebranding. MerchDAO now is a part of MerchLabs B2B laboratory. This partnership will provide more business cases for both projects.

And finally, we’ve provided the latest updates to our community regarding our e-commerce store. The test version of our e-commerce store will be launched tomorrow, September 1st!

With the help of these activities and announcements $MRCH price was pumped from ATL to almost 10x in a few days and now the price has stabilised around 5x!

September 2021 plans

Yes, we’re finally going to open the MerchDAO e-commerce store! It will happen closer to the end of September, but we’re expecting to make an announcement between the 15 and the 25th of September. We’ll allow community to test our release before mainnet.

MerchDAO is starting to work on the DAO governance platform for $xMRCH holders and we hope we’ll able to release this part by the end of September, but we’re not sure. Regarding the $xMRCH release — stay tuned, we’re waiting for proper timing.

MerchDAO as well as MerchLabs will compete with other e-commerce platforms, even non-crypto related ones. We understand importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that’s why we’re planning to spread out into content marketing. For activities related to SEO we’ll write a lot of articles. But for home articles regarding weekly or monthly updates or minor announcements, we’ll use our official blog on the Medium platform. For important announcements about development and business-related things we’ll publish external media resources, like Bloomberg, Cointelegraph and other well know crypto resources. It will help to attract a lot of new eyes on our project and also will increase our trust and position in the Google search.

Of course, everything will be packed with good marketing activities and promotions. MerchDAO team will support their efforts by promoting what they are doing.


We’d like to say a lot of things here, but we have limited time and resources. Besides, we can’t say everything at once! We’ll bring a lot of fresh air to MerchDAO. In the meantime, subscribe to our MerchDAO Twitter page and MerchDAO Telegram announcement channel!



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