MerchDAO rebranding announcement

We know that you waited a long time, but I believe this waiting will be awarded. Passion in crypto is a key point, and as we saw after almost 5 years, those who waited and believed, gained huge profits!

Key points

We’re thrilled to release very important updates to the $MRCH and MerchDAO ecosystems. From today, MerchDAO is only one part of the global business. Simple NFT-based crypto merchandise is only a basic business model, but our vision can possibly expand and, after long discussions, brainstorming and research, we have found really awesome ways to do real NFT-based business on physical products.

Please, meet our new head company and project — MerchLabs — B2B laboratory to produce exclusive NFT-based merchandise and close for startups and enterprises. From today, MerchDAO is the only child company of another one. MerchLabs will operate under MerchDAO project and will bring dozen of new business cases. MerchDAO will be focused more on crypto-related products and focused on retail users unlike MerchLabs, which will be focused on the B2B sector. Interesting? Let’s talk a little bit more about new business cases.

Business cases

As you see, the NFT market is really hyped right now, but it is our time and I hope other crypto users don’t like the current state of the NFT market at all. NFTs are not about funny JPEGs, GIFs or other digital stuff. NFT — is a solution to bring property rights, ownership approval into the digital world. While crypto enthusiasts and speculators are trying to earn money on simple «buy low» and «sell high» on NFTs, we’ve a broad vision and are planning to transform the entire NFT and crypto market in general.
Let’s describe one simple use case of NFTs in the B2B sector. There are a lot of world-famous brand names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and others. They’re producing goods which cost thousands of US$. And, also, a lot of smaller companies (for example, in China) are trying to produce fake goods by copying well-known brands. Most of them are of extremely bad quality, but sometimes there are good copies, which look like the original item. Blockchain and NFT can simply create a unique verification mechanism, digital property rights. Other good business cases — we’re planning to sell our store like SaaS. MerchLabs SaaS — it’s a solution, which will enable other companies to launch their own NFT-based merchandise items.

Product overview and next plans

Currently, our team clearly see these features of the global product:
- DAO platform;
- Shop;
- SaaS solution;
- Farming/mining application;
- Global NFT wallet for physical goods*

DAO smart contracts already published. Currently, we’re working on the front end part to connect Ethereum blockchain and IPFS to implement design voting.

The shop is almost finished. We’re aiming to launch shop during September. No rush with this step, because it should be in good time and during good market opportunities.

SaaS solution is currently a hidden development. We’ll start to onboard companies, partners, and businesses manually, but soon they’ll be able to use our development solution. This solution can create a lot of hype on the market.

You already know basic info about farming and mining applications. We’ll launch this part as soon as Certik completes a security audit. So, stay tuned, soon we’ll provide more details about progress as well as the new token mechanic and model. We’ll describe token information in the next few days. For now, I can say that we won’t do the full swap. We’ll have 2 tokens, which will be tradable on exchanges: $MRCH and $xMRCH.

We did I a lot of research and see that market need good NFT wallet and we’re planning to create NFT wallet solution focused on physical good to track ownership and identity for retail users. And also our development team seriously thinks about Flow blockchain. We believe that it is the perfect technical solution as well as this activity can create more hype than BSC, Polygon, and other networks. We believe that Flow blockchain will be in common use very soon.


We have a lot of upcoming news and updates. In the next few days, we’ll release details regarding the xMRCH token, team changes, development progress and other things. We’re sure that, from now on, you’ll be extremely satisfied with our work. You can’t even imagine what’s coming next. To be updated on all the important info, please, visit our social networks, website, and subscribe to our news channel!



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